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No matter what you're selling these days you're going to have some competition. That is especially true if you're trying to sell a home. In your average city there could be more than a thousand homes on the market during the peak season. No matter if you're a real estate agent trying to build up your clientele and reputation or a seller marketing just one property that means you're going to have to know a little bit about advertising. Here are some tips to help get your home noticed.

Take advantage of all of the different advertising mediums that are out there. Visibility is one of the keys to good marketing and you never know where potential buyers might be looking for their next property. A good real estate agent should recommend that you advertise in the newspaper, online and with a sign on your lawn at the very least. These are the most common forms of advertising home sales. But you could also take advantage of radio or television. Explore all of your options to get ahead in the game.

Make sure that your advertisements are thorough and complete. With so many properties on the MLS (multiple listing service), you need to make sure your listing answers all of your potential buyer's questions. If they don't feel that there are enough pictures online of the property or would like to know the square footage of the home they may just move on to the next listing if that information is not right in front of them. You need to highlight all of the assets of your home without leaving any visible holes in the description.

On the same note, you want to be clear when describing your property in an online or ad listing. Instead of saying that the kitchen has recently been remodeled you could explain that there are new appliances, cupboards and a new countertop. Vague information can look like your home has something to hide and the customer might not be willing to come and check it out for themselves.

Make sure all of your statements are accurate. You don't want to be caught in a lie with potential buyers. Whether you're marketing power of sale properties or luxurious mansions, do your best to always be honest. Customers are willing to look past minor issues with a home as long as the seller is up front about it. With most buyers opting for a home inspection on properties they are considering, it is harder now to cover up mistakes even if you try. So the best policy is always to be an honest seller.

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