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Employment Opportunities

There are nearly three million people working in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area and if you're looking at Arlington homes for sale than you likely want to be one of them. When looking for a new job a great place to start is by examining the local economic statistics to see what the main industries and companies are in the city. Here are some of the main statistics that you will find around Arlington.

This city sits right in the middle of Fort Worth and Dallas, so many of the city's residents travel into these larger metropolises every day for work. If you're would like to work right in Arlington than some of the main industries are entertainment, manufacturing, and trade. The city makes several products including custom textiles, electronics, rubber, and oil-field equipment but its largest factory is definitely the General Motors plant, which employs more than three thousand people. Arlington is also the closest city to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and is a major transportation hub for all of the area's cities.

Arlington likes to think of itself as the entertainment capital of Texas, as it is home to the original Six Flags theme park with Six Flags Over Texas, the Texas Rangers baseball stadium, the Dallas Cowboys football stadium, and a large water park. If you want to leave behind your software job and instead want to spend your days working in entertainment or hospitality than you should look into working for one of these companies or the surrounding restaurants and hotels.

If you're thinking of travelling into nearby Dallas or Fort Worth for work then there are literally thousands of companies in dozens of different industries to choose from. These two cities together are home to twenty-three Fortune 500 companies that could be the start of a great career for someone looking to work in communications or someone who wants to work with commercial mortgage lenders. The most profitable company in the world, ExxonMobil is even located in nearby Irving.

Retail trade is another huge industry in Dallas, as it has more shopping centers per capita than any other city in America. This is a major tourist draw to the city and one of the major malls is even the second oldest shopping center in the country. The Dallas Convention Center is another major location for the city and has made the city a great destination for business travel. Fort Worth, on the other hand, is home to the headquarters of American Airlines, RadioShack, and Pier One Imports.

Whether you're looking to run a home business or are interested in starting a career in finance than you definitely have some options when living in Arlington. Those interested in a little help finding that perfect job should check out the services available through the city's Chamber of Commerce office. You can find the Chamber of Commerce website by clicking here.

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