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Arlington, Texas occupies about 95 square miles of Tarrant County. Nestled between Dallas and Forth Worth, Arlington offers all the access to amenities and attractions as living in a bigger city with a small-city feel. Arlington's middle-range population (around 370,000) and average population density lets you and your home have room to breathe - room you wouldn't find in a bigger city.

Arlington's history dates back to the Civil War. It was founded in 1876 along what was once the Texas and Pacific railroad. The name stems from the home of famous Southern General Robert E. Lee: Arlington House. Prior to its founding it existed only as a trading post established to serve the area farmers and the local Village Creek Native Americans.

Arlington, TX was primarily known for cotton ginning and farming until General Motors established a plant in 1954 and brought the city into the Industrial age. Manufacturing remains Arlington's biggest industry, specializing in automobiles and airplanes.

There is a lot to do in Arlington, Texas. As is the culture in Texas, high school sporting events, specifically football, are always well attended. The city is also home to the Texas Rangers' ballpark and will be the future home of the Dallas Cowboys stadium once construction is competed. The original Six Flags theme park and its new aquatic theme park Hurricane Harbor are also a major attraction for both locals and tourists.

Arlington, TX's many museums offer a fun afternoon of discovery whether you're interested in wax figures, Scottish culture, art, baseball, science or the many curiosities of Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Top off with an evening out at the Metropolitan Classical Ballet or Symphony Arlington.

Arlington, Texas also boasts its own Planetarium, the Arlington golf course, four distinctive shopping areas, and 82 public parks which can be enjoyed year-round due to Texas' generally warm weather and infrequent rainfall.

As if all that wasn't enough, Arlington, TX is only 12 miles from downtown Fort Worth and 24 miles from downtown Dallas and all the parks, malls, and attractions those cities are famous for.

Arlington, Texas has several different independent school districts within its borders serving kindergarten to twelfth grade, each with its own funding systems. There are several options in Arlington proper for post-secondary education including the University of Texas at Arlington, and several career-training institutes. Larger institutions in the greater Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth area include Tarrant County College in Fort Worth.

Arlington, TX has the dubious distinction of being the largest city in the United States without mass transit, however the city does run a handi-trans service for the elderly and disabled, and has plans for a limited commuter bus route. The majority of the populous own one or more vehicles and those who do not live close enough to walk to work.

What Kind of Real Estate Can I Get In Arlington?

The average price of a house in Arlington, Texas is around $150,000. Obviously the price will vary depending on the size of the home and its location in Arlington. For instance, a townhouse would be closer to $105,000, while a mobile home would run about $30,000. Average prices for apartment renters vary from $700 to $800 per month. For a comparison of Arlington real estate to other cities try comparing similar homes or condos to a condo for sale in Ontario.

Arlington is a city on its way up in the world, and as a consequence is entering a major period of urban revitalization. Real estate that is valuable now is certain to appreciate, while currently undervalued areas may become hot spots in the near future.

Current popular neighborhoods for growing families in Arlington, TX include South Arlington, Mansfield, and Park Springs. For an economical apartment solution, consider Green Oaks, St. Laurent or Grand Prairie. Areas to avoid at present are East Arlington, and Sanford near the new Cowboys stadium.

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